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Darby High School

Lunch Menus

The Darby School Cafeteria offers nutritious breakfast and lunch menu items every day. Students may bring lunch from home or purchase meals at school. Additional fresh fruits and vegetables are free at lunch, and other extra items may be purchased for an additional  $1.00. Extra milk is always available for .50 cents.

It is a privilege to eat in our lunchroom. We ask that students show respect for lunchroom rules, workers, and the rights of others when using the lunchroom. Please observe and follow the posted rules of conduct in the cafeteria.

Students also have an outside dining area, where the same rules apply

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns:

***Lunch accounts may be paid through Infinite Campus parent portal. Acceptable forms of payment Credit/Debit/E-Check***

Parent Portal login available at the HS Office 

($2 transaction fee applies)

Lunch and Breakfast Prices

Students use prepaid computerized accounts to purchase meals; parents can make deposits into a student's account any time throughout the year in the cafeteria with cash or check. No student will be allowed to charge more than 5 meals. If you don’t want your student to charge extras (seconds) please give a signed note to the lunch room.

Student Breakfast FREE

Student Lunch (K-6) FREE

Student Lunch (7-12) FREE

Adult Lunch $4.25

Second Helping $1.00 Extra

Second Milk $.50

Free and Reduced Meals

Free and reduced meal prices are available to all qualifying families. In addition to helping families with food costs, a high number of participants in the program help our school qualify for grants and other programs. Applications for the Free and Reduced-Price Meals System (FARMS) program may be turned in to the elementary, high school, or district offices. One application applies to all students within the household. This form is available below - see "attachments."

Special Dietary Needs

If your child has specific food allergies, requests for food substitutions should be made to the cafeteria manager. A doctor's note is required for these requests.

FreeReduced Form